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Alexandra Lousse & Joël De Jonck are co-founders of YaKa Company. Alexandra Lousse is the inventor of the YaKa.

“We’ve all found ourselves at some point with a broken folder in our hands, sheets scattered about, making it hard to carry around…A folder is so awkward…I knew this feeling for several years as a student and later on in my career.

A couple of years ago, I was totally fed up with it! My son had left his folder on the bus coming home from school yet again…Not only was it the third folder we’d bought for him in only a couple of months, but it was a misused folder, papers were torn, and it was impossible to put in his backpack. The only solution was clumsily holding his folder in his hands..Suitcase in one hand, handbag on one shoulder, telephone clamped to my ear by the other shoulder and folder in my one remaining hand

No easy task to lock the car, call the elevator, open a door, shake hands with a client…

There had to be a solution! And as crazy as it may sound, no…. The only thing left to do was to think up this easy and light way of carrying…

The only thing left was to do was to invent!”

Alexandra & Joël decide to launch themselves into creating and making a universal Binder holder, the YaKa.