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Alexandra Lousse & Joël De Jonck are co-founders of the YaKa Company. Alexandra Lousse is the inventor of the YaKa.

%22We have all, one day, found ourselves with a binder in hand that is giving up the ghost, the sheets are scattering, it is difficult to carry… A filing cabinet is so bulky…. I experienced this feeling for many years as a student and later in my professional life.

A few years ago, a great deal of frustration! My son forgets his binder on the bus on the way home from school again… Not to mention that this is already the third binder purchase in a few months… Binder abused, sheets torn off, impossible to put the binder in her backpack… The only way to carry your binder is with your hands…

What about me? Come to think of it. My office is overrun with heavy files that I have to carry to many client meetings. Briefcase in one hand, purse on my shoulder, phone screwed to my ear and held by the other shoulder and filing cabinet in the only hand I have left … It’s not easy to close the car, call the elevator, open a door, give a hand to a customer … There must be a solution! Well, as incredible as it may seem, no.. You just had to imagine this nice and light way of transportation … You just had to invent it!%22

Alexandra & Joël decided to create and produce a universal folder, the YaKa.