Yaka classic

The universal file/document holder.
It fits all binders and document holders on the market (A4 format from 40 to 80 mm).
The folder holder attaches to your binder and stays in place while you use it.
The folder holder consists of a main body and a 120 cm strap adaptable in three lengths: 96 cm, 104 cm or 112 cm.
Easy to carry with the handle or shoulder strap.
The folder holder is made from biocompatible PVC.


Yaka Art collab

The personalized YaKa “Art Collab” joins the range of our high-end accessories.
We collaborate with Onstage83 and their artist Bossy Custom, in Saint-Tropez. Each YaKa is personalized and hand painted.
Each piece is unique, signed and numbered. Each YaKa painted is born from an artistic and authentic work.

Yaka leather

The YAKA A4 folder holder is made of grained leather. Made by hand. Designed with precision and perfect finishes. Use of exceptional cowhide leather worthy of the greatest luxury leather goods manufacturers. This deluxe briefcase is equally well suited for dynamic men and women whose organization is their main asset.

Computer bag

The Nec plus ultra of the Digital Nomad in everyday life!
But that’s not all! The YAKA laptop case is certainly the smartest case ever created!
Are you tired of carrying your water bottle, your water bottle, your umbrella, your sandwich, your newspaper in your laptop case? : bulky, difficult to access, damage, dirt…

Pencil case

3 in ONE is GREAT!

1. Carry your school supplies with the large pencil box that attaches to the rings of your binder. 2. Attach your sleeve to the YAKA laptop case to store your computer accessories. 3. Use it independently as an ingenious tote bag

Shoulder strap

A unique accessory!
This nice multipurpose strap will color your YAKA laptop case.
And since this strap is universal, use it for your purse, your guitar or anything else.