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ECO-Friendly pvc folder / document holder

This light, strong, fun and practical briefcase is Universal!
The solution to transport all files and A4 document holders, in all lightness, hands free thanks to its handle and its adaptable shoulder strap.

Do you like its ORANGE color?

Here’s why:
Colors not only enhance you, not only influence your mood, they also reveal your character and influence your environment.

Thanks to the ORANGE file holder, here’s what you’ll be carrying on your way to the office or school:

Orange is a cheerful color that catches the eye. Made for optimists, this color also shows energy and creativity.

A YAKA ORANGE file holder: For a cheerful, creative, energetic and confident person.

The documents you carry in your folder are works of art, it is normal to cover and protect them!

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The universal file/document holder.
It fits all binders and document holders on the market (A4 format from 40 to 80mm).
The folder holder attaches to your binder and stays in place while you use it.
The folder holder consists of a main body and a 120 cm strap adaptable in three lengths: 96 cm, 104 cm or 112 cm.
Easy to carry with the handle or shoulder strap.
The folder holder is made from biocompatible pvc.

This transport object is guaranteed for 5 years.

Our brand Yaka and our products are internationally protected.

Additional information

Weight 400 g
Dimensions 32 × 30 × 6 cm


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